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Wisdom Panel 2.0 dog DNA test

Wisdom Panel 2.0 dog DNA test

Are you a dog owner? If so, have you ever wondered what breeds are in your dog? You can now find out with a Wisdom Panel 2.0 dog DNA test!

The science

The Wisdom Panel 2.0 analyses more than 1800 markers and compares your dog’s DNA against a database of more than 12000 other dogs. The test is able to screen for more than 220 breeds and varieties of dog to trace your dog’s ancestry!

Kit includes:

What kind of sample do you need?

The samples are taken via cheek swabs which are provided in the DNA testing kit. There are 2 swabs provided to ensure there is enough DNA to analyse in the lab. We recommend to wait 2 hours after a meal or treat before collecting the DNA sample. If you have more than one dog in the house, we advise to avoid sharing of water and food bowls for up to 2 hours before sampling.

How long until I get my results?

Once we have received your samples back at the lab your report will be emailed to you within 2-3 weeks.

What do the results tell me?

The results give you access to:

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