Non-Human Identification

Our non-human identification services cover all classes of animal and plant, whether you are curious about vertebrates, invertebrates, plants or even fungi!

With access to top of the range equipment and experienced staff, we are here to serve you to the highest degree.

We are currently capable of a range of services, including:

  • Species Identification – Vertebrates, invertebrates, plants and fungi.
  • Bird Sexing – As many species of bird are monomorphic, DNA testing can often be the quickest and easiest means to identify the gender of a bird!
  • Bird Parentage – Allows breeders to establish the mother and father of a particular chick. Only available for Peregrine Falcons or Gyr Falcons.

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For any queries, please contact us by phone (0191 543 9448) or email ([email protected]).

All non-human identification services are carried out through our sister service chXout®.