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DNA Forensics

Human identification (HID)

HID is our core expertise and we have been involved in paternity testing for many years.  This is both B2B and B2C.

In addition, we have been retained to re-examine a number of high profile cases for the defence.  This has involved extraction of DNA from many types of tissue and materials.

We work for companies in employment matters, such as identifying the smoker from cigarette butts found in the paint store

Non-human identification

Our recently lauched CXhxout service for DNA analysis in non human animal and plants has enabled us to enter the forensics market for animal and plant testing.  This is primarily identification of individuals and species.

For example, we were appointed by the prosecution to garner evidence in a Scottish cattle rustling case and so used bovine STR profiling to show relationships between the cattle, which resulted in a successful conviction.

Plant identification

We offer a service for the identification of plant material (for example in imported herbs or invasive species).  This involves extracting DNA from the suspect material and specicies identification

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