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Biomarker Analysis

We conduct studies at all levels of the biomarker hierarchy for example, whether this be at the DNA, mRNA, protein levels or small molecule level.

Our core expertise lies in biomarker qualification and validation and qualification, more details for which can be found here.

For example, for some customers we combine a genetic analysis (genotyping for drug metabolism polymorphism) with a phenotyping analysis (analysis of small molecule drug metabolites in urine by LCMSMS).

In other studies we compare the mRNA expression of selected genes at the mRNA level (Taqman) against the protein expression (ELISA).

Our emphasis is on a practical and cost effective solution for your needs and which, most importantly, can be validated by use of a robust, tried and tested technique.

Our biomarker validation services are based upon ICH guidelines and are conducted to GCP.

We have also conducted biomarker discovery programmes e.g. using expression microarray.

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