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7 Frequently Asked Questions of a Geneblitz DNA Test

7 Frequently Asked Questions of a Geneblitz DNA Test

1. What is a Geneblitz DNA test?

Our Geneblitz DNA test allows you to establish a biological relationship between individuals using the latest DNA technology. This test can only be used for your own personal information.

If you require a DNA test to be used in legal proceedings, please contact us on 0191 543 6334.

2. What kind of relationships can a Geneblitz DNA test establish?

3. Does the mother need to take part in the test?

Although the mothers participation is not a requirement, we strongly recommend that the mother of the child is involved in the testing process as she helps make the results so much more conclusive. For this reason, the cost of the test is the same regardless of if mother participates or not.

4. What is included in a Geneblitz DNA testing kit?

5. Does sampling hurt?

No. Our samples are taken by gently rubbing a soft cotton swab around the inside of the mouth. The procedure is simple and painless and can be used on young children and newborn babies.

6. How long will my results take?

Our standard turnaround time is 4 working days from receipt of samples back at our lab. However, you can pay a little extra and receive your results within 2 working days from receipt of samples.

7. How will I receive my results?

Your report will be sent to you by email in PDF format.


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